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Wednesday, September 27, 2006 

An Email Request

Every now and then I get emails that ask me to defend a particular position that I write about. And every now and then I get one that asks me to stop looking at everything with such a lackadaisical attitude and style that I’m used to writing in. Ok, that’s fair enough. I have a very sarcastic sense of humor and sometimes my ever so humble opinions get lost in my unique style. As I’ve said, fair enough.

Back in July I received the following email:

You may have done this in the past but could you please post your reasons for being so hostile against Ablaze! Do you have theological issues and can you back them up with scripture and the Lutheran confessions. I hear so much negative talk but no one to my knowledge has ever backed it up with scripture.I am just a Lutheran tired of all the negative talk in our synod. We have the right theology and we have been sent to proclaim Christ. Let’s share that.B

I answered "B" this way:

B, Yes I will be more than happy to oblige! I do though, have a time problem because of training that I had to attend as well as my wife's birthday present that will take me to Alaska for a couple of weeks.If I didn't think Scripture and the confessions spoke to the issue, I would be a hypocrite to voice my opinion the way I do. (This is one of the reasons I use my real name) I have a lengthy Sunday school lesson to prepare for this weekend, after that I will address your concerns in a stand alone post. Please feel free to email me if you think of specific questions. I've answered emails before in posts, but only with the sender’s permission. Is that fair?

While I didn’t get a response, by email or otherwise, from “B”, I will use the next few posts to answer “B's" questions. I’ll try to keep it down to three or four posts and (hopefully) keep the sarcasm down to a minimum.

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