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Wednesday, May 31, 2006 

Changes To Blogroll

I've made some changes to the blogroll today. Some of the changes were long overdue and some were just recent discoveries.

First on the list are the address changes. Wretched of the Earth is now up and running at Backward Kingdom. Josh S. has changed the name of his blog from Here We Stand to A Finger for Each Nostril. Jason changed the title of his blog from Rants From A Disgruntled Lutheran to Ranting No More---A Blog In Search Of A Title. And finally Kelly's Blog has its right link.

There are two additions to report. The first being Father Eckardt's blog, appropriately named, Gottesblog. Father Eckardt is editor-in-chief of Gottesdienst. Gottesdeinst is a Evangelical Lutheran liturgical magazine.

The second addition is Luther At The M0vies. This site is a real hoot! The only way to describe it is this: just imagine if Dr. Luther was taken out of his room at Wittenburg and thrown into the local cineplex five hundred years in the future. Like I said, a real hoot!

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