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Sunday, December 25, 2005 

I Got My 2005 Christmas Wish!!!

Well, thanks to a great director of music at my church I got my Christmas wish. Our hynm of the day was Of the Father's Love Begotten. I only wish we sang it more than once a year. But as a congregation we sing that which is appropiate to the liturgical season. Our hymnody also reflects the pericope which is read during the Divine Service. This is why we don't sing Christmas hymns until it's actually Christmas. The four weeks leading up to Christmas is a season called Advent for which there are Advent hymns. Its all part of that as we worship we confess thing that drives some people nuts.

But, back to my original point. Our music director, as one of the kids in my Sunday school class would say, is just awesome awesomeness. Now, if someone would only bring back the Latin Mass....

I absolutely love that hymn. My husband chose it for Christmas service. Unfortunately it is a hymn not known by this church. I sang but soon became aware it was more like a solo. Just a shame.

Caroline, My music director should call me tone deaf, but she is too nice. That being said, I really wouldn't care if it was a solo. It's a treasure of the Church that should sung every year.

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