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Friday, February 27, 2009 

500 Post Blogiversary

A big thank you to everyone who has visited, commented, supported, and linked back to POTF. Without you folks, this would be no fun at all. There have been 500 posts with 1090 comments from you guys over the last four and a half years. Who would have thunk it? Again, thank you all.


Congratulations! Happy Anniversary!

I agree about the readers. As a fellow blogger, I can say that having comments to your posts, well, it really FANs INTO FLAME the joy of blogging.

Not to mention what, twice, you were mentioned for Issues Etc Blog of the Week? That's a bigger accomplishment than 500 posts. :)

Keep up the good work.

It's the Quincentenary! 500 quality posts, with graphics to match. Who could forget the LCMS Studebaker? Keep putting out those fires Frank!



Congratulations indeed! This blog is one of those that led me to see that Lutherans like myself are in, and belong in, LCMS, despite whatever else may be there too.

Plus I kind of like guys who notice things like that Lent is a "40 days of purpose" for some time now, and draw some fire here and there.

Hey, that church is on fire.

They gave up their steeple for Lent. Steeples are adiaphora.

"Hey, that church is on fire." Looks like another critical event!

Congratulations Frank!


EC, for that fanning the flame comment, you’re banned from commenting

Dan, Danke!

Scott, stop using big words and wow, nobody ever accused me of quality before..

PE, I wrote my first 40 days of Lent post in the first year when I only had two or three readers. Maybe it’s time to revisit that topic.

Herr Ulledalen, yes it is, yes it is.

EC, “Steeples are adiaphora.” HA! Great comment, keep ‘em coming as it’s always a joy to read your pithy contributions to POTF

Thanks for your service as a volunteer fireman for the LCMS. Keep up the good work of knocking down bad doctrine.


WOW!!! 500 posts on Putting Out The Fire...and two or three of them have actually been marginal.



But seriously, Frank. You know I enjoy your blog. Keep fanning those flames, brother.

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