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Monday, September 22, 2008 

Thank You, Again!

A big thank you to the good folks over at Issues, Etc. for that second high honor. Yes, Pastor Wilken, that was a real video and not some folks just trying to be funny.

Also, thank you Steadfast Lutherans for the link this morning.

Steadfast Lutherans has quickly become one of my favorite daily reads with great columns by Pastors Rossow, Preus, Wilken (also of Issues, Etc. fame) and the awesome Mollie Z. Hemingway.

For what it’s worth, Issues, Etc. and the Brothers of John the Steadfast are two great organizations that I hope all the readers of Putting Out The Fire would support. I don’t say this because of any accolades that I may have received but rather it is because of their mission to defend and promote the orthodox and historic Christian faith. There’s no quid pro quo here Clarice, none at all.

Remember, every time we snap our fingers, another bureaucrat goes to hell because he’s been listening to a Madison Avenue style marketing campaign and hasn’t heard the Gospel.


What is up with all of this publicity? You would think that you were doing something important. I hope it all does not go to your head. Keep fighting those fires. Miss you guys!

I don't know, Frank. The more I listen, the more I'm wondering if I made a huge mistake in jumping so hard on the Issues bandwagon.

While I certainly support the confessional thing, by all means, and do believe that the LCMS needs to turn the bus around, I am hearing more and more stuff that leans toward a basic Dobson banality.

I believe I unfortunately left one bureaucracy for another, both of which do not reach anyone but the choir.

The next few days will have me rethinking things a bit.

LL, I’m not saying that I’m supporting LCMS, Inc. What I love is about Issues is that they cover a variety of issues in a Christian talk radio format. I certainly don’t like every guest and I do understand that in that format their job is to let the guest do the talking.

Look at it this way, there is a reason that they were fired by LCMS, Inc. and that is they were doing a great job in looking at Americanized Christianity. If a sermon review pointing out that Joel Osteen doesn’t talk about Jesus is so offensive (as well as a host of other things) that they had to go, they are needed.

I don’t even look at this a confessional/nonconfessional issue (pun intended).

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