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Wednesday, September 03, 2008 

The LCMS Mauve El Camino

It took me a while to find; but I did it! The successor to the LCMS Studebaker was the LCMS El Camino. Already by 1979 you see the road that LCMS, Inc. is headed down; a mauve gimmick to reach the unchurched.

Originally, I wasn’t going to put this embarrassing outreach tool up. However, with both Preacherboy and The Rebellious Pastor’s Wife complaining that the LCMS Studebaker looked a little too much like their grandfathers outreach car and with Elephant’s Child yelling that there must be more mauve; I felt I had no choice but to put this not so proud moment in Madison Avenue marketing picture in a post.

What’s oddly missing is the LCMS cross that does not. I couldn’t find any evangelism tools with a cross of any sort out there at all. Isn’t that weird? Does anybody know when the current design was approved by a synodical convocation or convention?

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Thank you, Frank.

That's retina-scorching, alright!

Oh my stars.

It needs a flame job.

Have you guys seen Chris Rosebrough's new ride?

Check it out.

EC, oh yeah! that's one sweet ride.

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