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Wednesday, September 10, 2008 

Off The Grid...

I’ve been off the grid the last few days due to work and I’m finally back on line. A few things…

If you live in Camarillo California and visited Putting Out The Fire around 7:30ish pm, send me an email as I think you won an unannounced prize!

Speaking of being off the grid; football season has started and to be honest I could care less. That doesn’t mean that football won’t be played for eight hours straight in my house on Sunday afternoons because it certainly will. My missus is a football fanatic and she who must be obeyed has declared that there will be as much football on the TV as is allowed by the FCC. When my missus watches sports she, (uh, how do put the best possible construction on this?)... gets very animated and very, very loud. There have even been nasty phone calls during Packers games with people complaining who were attending home games that they didn’t care to hear how Jake Delhomme was doing in Charlotte as she was yelling loud enough to be heard five states away. I’ve tried to break out an atlas and point out the distances between the various stadiums as well as explain the physics of why sound can’t travel five or six hundred miles to my missus but she just smiles and tells me that I haven’t a clue. When you hear what sounds like a Texan yelling “get ‘em, get ‘em” and it’s not matching up with your locally broadcast games and it’s not your next door neighbor; that’s probably my missus cheering on her teams.

FYI, she cheers for both the St. Louis Rams and the Carolina Panthers. Personally, I cheer for no team whatsoever. If I did cheer for any team I’d have to root for, what else, the Raiders for obvious reasons if you’re a regular reader of this blog. In addition, when I need a football fix, I go to the football themed blog Necessary Roughness, Dan’s game is a little more my style.

I'm a Chiefs fan, but I LOVE that Cylon Raiders patch!

Well if you were going to cheer, and you were going to cheer for the Raiders, you still wouldn't being cheering much, because with the Raiders there's not much to cheer about.

Dan, isn’t Cylon a suburb of Salt Lake City? I get all confused with those expansion team thingies.

Scott, I said “if” I were to cheer for a reason. If I do get out of my stoic football watching mode it’s only in the last inning when I can no longer hear myself think because of the yelling outside my office. I do not cheer.

Alright now.

Frank, I like your wife. Is she Italian? Sounds like it.

“I like your wife. Is she Italian?” yeah, I like chick too! Actually she is of good German stock, unlike her husband with multiple vowels on the end of his name ;-)

Since I am a Chicago native (da Bears) raised in Minnesota in the days of real men playing real football outside with no bench heaters (Scramblin Fran, Bud Grant and the Purple People Eaters) and am now by the grace of God a Cornhusker (now recovering from its brush with Raiderism), I have nichts zu sagen, as they say in somebody else's grandfather's church (mine was a Methodist turned RC).

However, if one appreciates a certain, shall we say, zest for life in wives, I say try a German/Cherokee mix. I did. Oh yeah.

Then again, as a member of Red Sox Nation Living In the Diaspora, I know that baseball is truly the mind of God at sport.

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