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Friday, September 05, 2008 

Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine…Too

The embedded video is a song called Jesus is a friend of mine by “Sonseed” I thought I would post it just for that special person that was chatting with me last night about contemporary music issues.

Once I tried to run
I tried to run and hide
But Jesus came and found me
And He touched me down inside

He is like a Mounty
He always gets His man
And He’ll zap you any way he can.

At least he mentions Jesus, that’s more than Joel Osteen does in his worship service.

If that was all you got out of that you have serious problems. Jesus sounds like a sex offender that will gladly kill you as soon as he looks at you. I don’t want a God like that. This is not my Jesus.

That is just disturbing. I hope that is not a "REAL PRAISE SONG". Jesus would roll over in the grave if he hadn't already risen!

Not only does the song mention Jesus, it's monergistic too. If it weren't so amazingly creepy it might be okay. (Note: I haven't seen the video, just read the lyrics.)

Yes, that reminded me of one of my favorite verses... Matthew 29:33 "...then Jesus zapped the twelve..."
What a great beat! And nice outfits, too!

Anon#2, I was thinking more kitsch than dangerous.

Momofrascals, I think this would or could be classified as a praise song. As I told anon #2, think kitsch!

Kitschy *and* insulting to Mounties. :o)

So what was that--Donny Osmond plays Lawrence Welk? In "Dave Barry's Book of Bad Songs," Dave Barry defines it this way, "For a song to qualify as truly bad, the artist had to be trying, on at least some level, to be good." So if they were trying to be bad, they're good. If they were trying to be good, they're bad.

As a Canadian I can say I am left bewildered regarding the the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and their connection with "Zap!" As a Christian I am also bewildered regarding my Lord and His connection with "Zap!" As a sinful human being - I laughed my head off as I watched that!

I am guessing early 80s. Great stuff - well you know what I mean.

Thanks for stopping by Pastor Keith! Here’s my best construction on the “zap”; think tasers on RCMP side of the house. On the Christian side of things… that takes a little more work. Maybe Sonseed is saying that they were zapped by the Holy Spirit and now demonstrate spiritual gifts, maybe?

It's so PAINFUL!

I want to here the song please some one

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