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Sunday, February 10, 2008 

Welcome New Visitors All!

To all of you who are visiting thanks to the link provided by the prestigious Washington Post, welcome!

With many newspapers’s readership in decline, it’s heartening to know that it isn’t beneath old media to link to a little blog written by a slack jawed yokel like myself. Being a quotable authority on such an important event as a new Mormon president denying unproven allegations is truly an honor that I will forever cherish.

I fail to see why there is so much senseless talk about the lowering of standards and lack of journalistic integrity concerning what many call old media. The very fact that the Washington Post, to it’s credit, linked to Putting Out The Fire and it’s author, the official Ablaze!™ Firefighter™, should at the end of the day finally settle the matter. So say we all.
Update: Thank you MorningGlory2 for letting me know the link is now gone. I’m gonna guess that enough people saw my post and alerted the Washington Post to it’s…peculiarities. At least I’ve got a screenshot of the link on Sitemeter. ;)

Speech, speech!!!

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