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Thursday, February 07, 2008 

10 Ways for Youth Leaders to Hinder the Church

In the seven years I’ve taught my high school class and worked with our youth group I’ve heard every argument listed in the video. I’ve heard these agruments from people who didn’t think a group of kids would come back to church on a Sunday night and have a Bible study. I’ve also heard this from people who think that the only people who should work with teenagers are either 1) paid staff (because only paid staff can really care) or 2) those who are their own age but who think Christianity is a concept that needs to be discussed and emoted upon.

A big tip of the hat to Kelly for finding the video. If you don’t read Kelly’s blog at least once a week shame on you, repent, and go read her right now! Why are you still here?!

I tried to put a link into your name but blogger kept removing the video. Sorry.
The rest of you people need to go to the links under Confessional Lutheran Blogs section just to your right and click on Kelly's Blog. Now!

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