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Thursday, January 03, 2008 

Golden Aardvark Awards Announced

The most recent Golden Aardvark awards have been posted over at Aardvark Alley. Orycteropus Afer has what can only be described as a huge list of winners this time. This enormous list of award winning posts,honored for raillery, doctrine, or intellect in exposition, is a great way to double check and make sure you didn’t miss anything during the Advent and Christmas season.
With more and more confessional bloggers out there, that task of keeping up with all the dead orthodoxy goodness becomes more and more daunting. The Golden Aardvark is just one way Orycteropus Afer helps promote the confessional Lutheran blogosphere. So be sure to stop by and thank Herr Pastor for doing his not so small a part.


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