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Tuesday, January 22, 2008 

Free Hymnals

I really don’t know why I was asked to do this but…

If anyone wants three boxes of the old blue hymnal, Lutheran Worship, send me an email and they’re yours for the cost of shipping. The hymnals are in excellent condition.

So why do we want to get rid of them? My congregation switched to a far superior hymnal, Lutheran Service Book. We need to find our little blue hymnals a home before they go to the dumpster. So even if you can use them to prop up that old bench up in your choir loft, drop me a line and I'll hook you up.

What's the difference? Not that I've seen either the Blue Book or the LSB...

Liz, both are hymnals used by the LCMS. LSB replaced the old blue hymnal, Lutheran Worship, last year. I’m a little biased in this matter but I do believe LSB is a far better hymnal than its predecessor. I used the LW for 7 years after my return to the church and only had a few complaints. Are you interested in them?

I have no use for three boxes of hymnals! My LCMS congregation doesn't use hymnals, which is why I'm asking... I just like hymnals in general, and was thinking about ordering an LSB for my husband and me.

Liz, order your LSBs, they're worth every penny. No hymnal is perfect, but LSB made a pretty good stab at it.

Do you think your congregation might want them? I'm asking because if I dont find them a home, they'll get thrown out. It would just seem like a waste to me.

I still use the read through the Bible in a year guide in LW as LSB went to a 2 year schedule.

How does your Divine Service work without hymnals? My first guess is that everything is just printed out in the bulletin.

My church got rid of the hymnals about five years ago (they may hve been the blue hymnals) when we built our new sanctuary. And, based on what I've read on other Lutheran Blogs, it is my guess that we take a more casual approach to Liturgy. We still have confession and absolution, recite the Creed, recite the Lord's Prayer, and celebrate Holy Communion... but we sing more contemporary songs and don't particularly follow the lectionary, unless it's Holy Week or Christmas. We go to a pretty big church with the resources to purchase hymnals... we just don't use them. And you're right, everything is in the bulletin or on the screen.

You should put an ad in the Witness or something like that you never know. I hope you found a good home for them! (I'm a "red hymnal" guy, by the way).

DWS, Ha, I couldn't an ad in the Witness! You know, red hymnals come in blue...:)

Speaking of LSB's.....I am in the market to purchase a 'pre-owned' set of LSB Accompaniment Editions (one hymnal and one liturgy). If you hear of a resource for them, would you let me know?

Many thanks, Ann

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