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Tuesday, January 22, 2008 

And Now for Something Completely Different…

Normally, I don’t stray off topic and post on things other than my sometimes warped view of Lutherans or Americanized Christianity. I know that it sometimes seems that I’m posting on things that have no connection whatsoever with faith, but if you look close, I’m usually making a point even if only a sarcastic one. That being said, I’m not making any such point here. The picture posted is just plain funny, even for a Mac user like myself.

The Macbook Air is completely over priced.

Mind you, the SX-64 does weigh 22 lbs.

It was way ahead of its time in some ways--the first full-colour portable computer. BIG C64 geek here.

Pastor, LOL! All I'm saying is that I love my Macbook. Yep, that's all I'm saying...
I mean, to say anything else, would be to go against the cult of Steve, and nobody here is advocating that. That's all I'm saying...

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