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Thursday, December 13, 2007 

Peaceful Mohammadians’ Culture Under Attack

Canadian Muslim Teen's Dad Charged in Her Murder

Here’s another attach on the religion of peace up in Jr. America, better known as Canada. I am really sick and tired of everyone in this country not being able to understand other cultures in general and the Mohammadians specifically.

Yes, Muhammad Parvez probably killed his daughter for not wearing a traditional head covering, but we have no right to judge their culture. We need to understand that the daughter clearly disobeyed her father and failed to even understand her own situation. We also need to understand that the Mohammadians are a peaceful people and that the father’s reaction was probably a last resort. If you criticize this man you are only a bigot and a xenophobe. I would then ask you look into the mirror, see how bad of a person you are, and stop criticizing cultures that you are completely ignorant of.


Where'd you get the pic --- she's HOT!

Yep, she's got those "come hajj with me baby" eyes!

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