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Wednesday, December 12, 2007 

Hoping For Romney?

I’ve tried as long as I’ve had this blog, to keep the focus singular. I’ve toyed with the idea of expanding what I post here to include everything from pop culture to politics. But I resisted that urge and for the most part the focus remains my take on Lutherans and evangelism. With that said…

There is a part of me that almost wants Mitt Romney to win the Republican primary if for no other reason than to see the dialogue that would follow concerning what it means to be called Christian.

Romney and the Mormons say they are Christian. They say they believe in Jesus. But what they believe Jesus is and what part he plays concerning salvation could not be more different than what the historical catholic Church has always confessed.

I’m not sure whether the part of me that wants Romney to get the nomination is my masochistic or the sadistic side. But one thing is certain, all the shouting and yelling would certainly be fun to watch. I think it would be a hoot to see the evangelical right who don’t believe in writing down what it is that they believe and confess, writing long diatribes stating what it is that they believe and confess.

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I agree with you, in that I find the prospect almost, dare I say it, sinfully entertaining. It is a bit sado-masochistic, isn't it, the desire to see the crucible constructed & employed... ;^)

In the end, for me, Romney has just too darned many red flags -- his cultism is just the biggest, but it's certainly not the only one.

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