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Friday, June 01, 2007 

Vicar Of The Week

I like the priestly caste, I really do. And I normally only take swipes at the Ablaze! program, uh, movement when I do make snide comments. I’m not trying to be mean here but the picture in the post was just delivered to my inbox and it deserves a comment or two.

The picture is of a (nameless and faceless as I have no desire to embarrass him anymore than he should already be.) vicar, I like them guys too, teaching children. My question here is what level of hell is reserved for Madison Avenue marketers? My other question I might ask this vicar is did he reserve a spot on the back of his shirt for FireWater™ brand liquor? I know there’s room on one of his sleeves for “Got the J-dude?” (kids really like it when adults pretend to be hip and in the know! The name Jesus is so yesterday’s news.) I hope he didn't forget another Ablaze! rubberband for the left wrist.

This is just embarrassing! There was a time when this kind of shameless “advertising” was reserved for the sides of cars racing in a circle. If you want to be a priest, for crying out loud, at least dress like one instead of dressing up like a clown!
Update: this picture was not Photoshopped! It came from the front page of a district newsletter.



If you ever catch me dressed like that as a vicar, you have my permission to kick me square in the hindquarters. Yikes! I may as well get the clerical shirt with the Nev-R-Breathe logo emblazoned on the front! Or, can we serve Communion wafers with a Nabisco logo?

Herr Bettler, Your hindquarters is not what you should be worried about if I catch you dressing like this.

And furthermore, how the heck am I supposed to put a good constuction on this, would someone please tell me?

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