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Monday, June 25, 2007 

Anniversary Week, Part 6

Well, here’s the last holdover post for anniversary week. I’ve decided to share my little secret for long marriages with all of you (or “ya’ll” ‘round here in the haut south) readers of Putting Out The Fire.

I’ve taken a tactic out of the play book of Saddam Hussein. Every night Saddam rolls over, looks deep into the eyes of Satan, and says with a slightly squeaky voice “I luuuuuuuv you.”

Sure Saddam is a bad guy, but as a member of the priestly caste likes to remind me “Every now and then, even a blind squirrel can find a nut.”

So, honey, I luuuuuuuv you!


I think the conjugation of the Southern plural that you were meaning to use was:

"all y'all"

It is probably my 2nd favorite southern idiom, just ahead of "fixin' to", and just behind "might could".

John Boy & Billy would be proud of the grammar that I picked up during my 12 years in North-by-God-Carolina! ;^)

Mmkay, I wasn't trying to get (git) it right, but rather only convey the thought.

I didn't even know (thunk) that you did time down here. Cool.

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