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Monday, June 18, 2007 

Anniversary Week

Well, it’s anniversary week here at the Putting Out The Fire household. The missus and I will have been married for fifteen years on June 21st. And to start out the week let’s look at a fine quote from Dr. Luther:

"A good wife is not found accidentally and without divine guidance. On the contrary, she is a gift of God and does not come, as the heathen imagine, in answer to our planning and judging."

How true and profound these words are. Fifteen years ago my bride married a card carrying chip on his shoulder atheist. The fact that God, being merciful and by grace alone, used the missus as the instrument to bring me back to the Church, is proof that all did not go as I had planned.

I thank God for bringing me to faith in Christ in spite of my committing the one unforgivable sin, unbelief. Thank God for forgiving the “unforgivable” sin. And thank God for His gift of my wife!


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