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Saturday, July 25, 2009 

Te Deum Sung In Grand Rapids Sola Conference

The embedded video is from the Higher Things' Sola conference up in Grand Rapids Michigan. I dare anyone to say that kids only like (or are capable for that matter) to sing along with praise bands that are indistinguisable from rock or pop groups that can be heard on top 40 radio stations while worship team leaders dance around a stage like the latest pop tart du jour after watchin' the video.

While what sacred music is and what it means to sing sacred music can certainly be debated (as I've done here on more than one occasion) there is no debating that these kids are singing hymns that reflect their theology in content as well as stylistically. This is what happens when we dare our youth to be Lutheran!

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Frank, what was the location for the Grand Rapids Sola? I'd like to find out more about the organ.

the conference was held at Calvin College: http://www.calvin.edu/.

Ok! Cool. I was able to hunt down the organ. A Dobson, from 1989.

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