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Monday, July 27, 2009 

A Dance Inappropriate

While the rest of the planet gushes over the “Wedding Dancers” as I’ve heard them called, I can only muster absolute disgust. Hey, if you think you can dance, and truth be told most people can’t even if their inhabitations are loosed by a drink or eight, knock your happy self out at the reception. But the clowns dancing in the linked video, are dancing in a church and not in a “hey let’s interpret the Apostles Creed or the Lords prayer through mime while prancing around the sanctuary in leotards” kind of way. Does anyone in that church even know what church is for? Apparently they don’t have a clue.

Church is not where we go to be entertained by a bunch of narcissists. Church is where we go to receive God’s gifts through the preaching of the Word and the administration of the Sacraments; the Lords Supper and Baptism. Through these gifts we receive faith and have that faith renewed and fed. This is why the old Lutherans called their worship service the Divine Service. They didn’t believe that they were doing a divine work but rather they knew that it was our Lord’s work through means that gave and strengthened our faith.

The “wedding dancers” are only a symptom of a larger problem in Americanized Christianity. So many people are so used to going to churches where Sunday services look more like Oprah or Dr. Phil’ self help seminars that for many I would imagine actually walking into a church where Jesus is the center of both the liturgy of the service and the theological message would be a none too subtle culture shock.

As the media holds up this bunch, who couldn’t wait until a reception for even more attention on a day that was already all about they anyways, there can be no doubt that more of the same will pop up. And when we see more yahoos like this who think a ceremony in a church is all about them and not having the focus being on the crucified and risen Lord; we would do well to remind them why there is a church there to begin with. And, when bringing up Jesus as the focus for everything is brushed aside with contempt or scorn, we circle the wagons in a little closer and pray that our Lord not tarry too much longer.


This wasn’t a sunday service this was a wedding. They were just having fun and there is nothing wrong with that.

Yes they were having fun…dancing in a church like temple prostitutes.

A wedding is no less a service than a Sunday one.

It's not all about you, or "us", there either. The couple makes vows and promises before God, the Christian community and the secular community (church and state) re how they will live before God, the church and the state.

I know that different church denominations place different value on what ought take place in a church sanctuary.

A Lutheran wedding alsways make Christ the center, no matter if it's Sunday worship, a wedding, or a funeral.

These people are probably just typical people, not concerned about any of that "religious" stuff, and just want to express their individuality.

It's happening all over the place in churches and I think it is a disgrace and a crying shame.

Steve, this WAS a Lutheran wedding albeit an ELCA one! Thankfully that fact is not being reported as far as I can see.

It would have been hilarious - at the rehearsal the night before.

I do wish people took making a solemn promise before God and their friends and family a little more seriously.

Oh well, E?CA, that explains it. Also the priestitute. After their last convention, maybe it should be E??A.

Also saw it was in Minnesota. Grew up there. Figures. But the video I will play next time I think about moving back!

As to funerals, ditto. I'm glad my wife's wasn't just about her, but an opportunity for the pastor to lay out for those who don't normally come to a Lutheran church the hope we have, and she's have been pissed if it were any other way.

PE, Remember there are lots of good folks (like Klemet Preus; just off the top of my noggin) up in Minnesota. As with every state there are good and faithful churches (and many in E?CA as well even if their leadership is apostate) that are overshadowed by those who reject the historic faith for the silliness that get attention in today’s media. I’m not saying you should move back there but if you do... ;-)

You and I are on the same page concerning funerals. The last one I attended had the leaders quoting more Rick Warren than Jesus or Paul combined. When it was my turn to speak, as I was asked to talk about MY faith, I took the opportunity to give a lesson of the hope we have in Christ by reading from both Matthew and Romans and what that means apart from what anything meant based on experience. Instead, I talked about our confession in the crucified and risen Lord and our comfort knowing that those call him Christ; only fall asleep waiting for the resurrection at the eschaton.

It’s a shame that so many leave Christian funerals hearing about how their loved ones are now angels and nothing of Jesus.

It does not suprise me one bit that it was done in an ELCA church.

At least they had their clothes on!

If you can give me a confirmation that it was in an ELCA church, I will put it on my blog and rip them good.


and http://clcoch.com/

The photo album at the church website and the video's interior shots of the sanctuary and altar match.

It's ELCA. Sorry, Steve. We won't hold it against ya. :)


No problem at all. Thanks for the info. I'll put something up on it later tonight.

Nothing those jamocos could do would shock me.

I thank God that we have a good confessional pastor who retains God's law in full, and hands over God's gospel, freely and fully.

When he's gone. We're in trouble.

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