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Monday, January 05, 2009 

Today's Quote Of The Day

Today’s quote of the day was blurted out during a presentation I was giving to parents of our youth who are interested in attending one of the two Higher Things gatherings this summer.

One of the parents asked me what was the difference between the national youth gatherings and Higher Things. Some of the answers to the question were;

The wine that is distributed for the Lord’s Supper will not be passed down the isles in Styrofoam cups with instructions to take a swig” (this was not made by a parent but someone who frequently chaperoned the events. I don’t know which year that was done but boy howdy it certainly left an impression)

Beach balls being thrown around during the Divine Service, (our worship service) will not be tolerated” This was contributed because one of our kids, for the longest time, talked of such shenanigans as being one of the “coolest” things about the national events with the Christian rock band playing their top forty hits during the service placing a close second.

All good quotes to be sure and any other time, each would be worthy of the quote of the day! But it wasn’t their day. The quote of the day followed my explaining that the event would be run and officiated by LCMS pastors using our hymnal without goofy liturgies written to be “hip with the kids”. The quote of the day:

Yeah, which means we won’t be line dancing the Lord’s Prayer!

Yeah, definitely quote of the day.

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"Line dancing?" she shrieks in horror. "Styrofoam cups?" she gasps.

And here I was horrified because I saw a paper towel used as a purificator a while back.

""Line dancing?" she shrieks in horror." In fairness, the line dancing comment was a joke... for now.

"Styrofoam cups?" No joke.

I have nothing to contribute here and yet I feel the need to leave a comment. I cannot help myself.

It's like watching train wreck, BD, that's why.

I'm sure your church serves Communion *respectfully* even though you have a different view than Lutherans of what's going on there.

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