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Friday, January 16, 2009 

Odd Temple Design? Or...

Keeping with the theme of yesterday’s post…

It is clear that the Mormons not only recognize the connections between the LDS church and Battlestar Galactica but have embraced the show even in the design of their temples.

If one understands the ties to Battlestar Galactica it is easy to see that the Mormons love of science fiction is reflected in their architecture. The San Diego California Temple for instance was clearly designed to resemble two Colonial Vipers flying side by side as they guard the fleet against the Cylon tyranny that destroyed the colonies and set them on a course to find their lost tribe on Earth.

See, it all makes sense. And truth be told, it’s clear that their architecture reflects their theology and practice better than many a seeker sensitive Lutheran church plant meeting in a coffee house so as to not offend those who don’t like to go to church in the first place.

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I have one of these Mormon monster buildings in Oakland. It is lit up blazing in the evening.

It's pretty cool looking, actually. I didn't know that about the author...interesting. Similiart of L. Ron Hubbard and Sceintology -- our souls are really alien life forms that have take over our bodies. It's something like that. But after all, it's a religion founded by a sci-fi author.

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