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Thursday, February 08, 2007 

Email Request

I just got an email from Tishale who wrote; "We need more stuff to read." Yes, Tishale, I know it seems that I've been slacking off. But my computer had a hard crash two weeks ago and the majority of my time has been getting all my work "stuff" back up and running. It seems Windows lost some of it's protocols and wouldn't boot up at all. It's strange, this kind of thing never seems to happen to that "other" operating software I run at home. Hmm. Fortunately, most of my stuff was backed up and I expect to get caught up by the middle of next week.
As soon as I'm caught back up I'll start posting more. Is there any topic in particular you want me to address?

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Can we talk about different places or punshiment in hell for different levels of sin. And touch base about good people going to hell. But then again maybe they don't go because god knows their heart and they do believe in him. Like Catholics who are wonderful people and are generous, kind and are the first to love their neighbor and help them, how can they go to hell. These are questions I hear people ask. What do we tell them beside the standard answers, how can we convince them.

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