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Thursday, March 16, 2006 

Your Kidding, Right?

I was approached last night by one of the young adults from my high school Sunday school class. He had just looked at my blog a few hours earlier and had one question, "You were just being sarcastic....right? I mean, you were kidding...right?"

So was I being sarcastic or was I being serious? Sounds like an easy question. Hmmm.

An easy question to the people who know you.

Its sarcasm obviously!?
But wait, even though our stodgy synod can't see the next wave in worship trends, this would be great for the "Emergent" style of podcasting churches we've been so breathlessly reading about. A worshipper could play the download on his iPod, pop the top on his Holy Supper MRE and commune whenever and as many times as desired....Brilliant!!

On a different note. Your entry did mention that the CTCR had given video consecration the thumbs down, but in this wild west mentallity of worship trends, could anyone imagine how far out of line with not just lutheran, but basic christian teachings a church could go before someone from the district showed up. I look at how un-lutheran many Missouri chuches are now and wonder where is the line? Have you ever heard of any examples where synodical hierarchy has stepped in and offered a correction to a pastor or congregation for doctrinal deviation? I imagine that such things are not publicized when they do occur.

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