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Wednesday, April 27, 2011 

Unholy Veneration

According to the Catholic News Service the blood of Pope John Paul II is to be venerated this weekend. From the news story:

A small vial of Pope John Paul II's blood is the relic for the Mass for his beatification, the Vatican said.

The relic was to be presented to Pope Benedict XVI and exposed for veneration during the Mass in St. Peter's Square May 1, the Vatican said April 26.

Yep, the church of Roman continues it’s horrid practice of the veneration of dead saints and relics just as it continues to sell indulgences.

I guess it could be worse, after John Paul II’s death some Polish officials are quoted as saying that they hoped John Paul's heart would be removed from his body and returned to his homeland for burial. Just imagine the venerating that could be accomplished with a whole heart instead of a vial or two of the former pontiffs blood.

As a friend of mine said on his Facebook wall; "There is only one Blood to be venerated and it isn't this one."

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

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yes, but the book whose cover you have displayed does speak about the blood of Jesus Christ.

Anon, that may be the case but the irony here is that they presented JP II's blood for veneration which at a bare minimum puts JP II’s blood as “a good and useful thing to invoke the saints on account of the benefits to be obtained from God” (quote from the Council of Trent and affirmed by Vatican II). Looking to relics and such nonsense only takes our eyes off Christ and his cross.

Again I quote my friend “There is only one Blood to be venerated and it isn't this one”

i know, and i agree, i just thought you should know about the book.

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