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Monday, April 11, 2011 

And The Winner Is…

And the winner is...

Congratulations go out to Claudis K from the great state of Michigan for logging on and capturing a screenshot of her visit which marked Sitemeter recording my 100,000 hit! Yeah Claudia!

Claudia beat out a particularly strong showing from my international readers from Jr. America to our north as well as a host of regulars here at POTF for a sweatshirt from the Official Ablaze!(TM) Firefighter’s (TM)(R)(C) official line of (in)activewear.

I’d also like to thank everyone for hanging out, participating in discussions that were sometimes lighthearted and sometimes serious (sometimes a combination of both where if we didn't laugh we'd go mad as hatters), and for reading this slack jawed yokel’s drivel. If I could afford it, I'd buy everyone a shirt with my logo embroidered on it but that's just not within my budget. Sorry.

You guys and gals make blogging theological just plain fun and I just wanted to say thank you to everybody. Again, Thank you!


Frank, I am so excited to be the offical winner of the POTF contest!
I truly enjoy reading your blog to see what's on your mind and what's up with my green friend! You made this contest a lot of fun and can't hardly believe I won. I'm really giddy and happy!
Claudia Kuiper from Michigan

I demand a re-count!

I stayed up all night. The counter crept closer...and closer...and closer...just three ticks away...and then I fell asleep.

Foul! Foul! I should have won!

Congratulations, Claudia. I hope you can sleep tonight...

Thanks Steve,
I'm sorry you fell asleep just at the right moment so I could win. I guess it was close, probably only moments between contestants. Glad I had asked earlier how to send the sitemeter reading when it hit 100,000 to win the prize.
Frank is a good blogger and I enjoy reading his posts. Maybe if Frank has another contest for 200,000 visits to his blog, hopefully you can stay awake! ;>)
Claudia Kuiper

Thanks, Claudia.

I'm very glad that won! :D

Steve, we all know that Frank's just making up the rules on this as he goes, anyway. ;o)

Kelly, I really can't argue with that point... I'm sorry if you think I singled you out by saying current and former residents of Baltimore and it's surrounding suburbs or those living in a Canadian province east of Saskatchewan but west of Ontario while married to a Pastor were ineligible for the contest.

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