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Tuesday, February 09, 2010 

Wanted: Jesus To Dance For Sweet Sixteen, Really...

From the there’s no way in all of Hades even I could ever come up with something this bizarre comes this gem from Craig’s List:

I need a Jesus Christ for Sweet Sixteen (Midtown)

My daughters sweet sixteen is in 5 weeks from friday, she is a huge film buff. Her favorite movie of all time is Passion of the Christ and I want to surprise her with someone dressed as Christ to dance with her after she does her sixteen candles. We are holding the party at a well known club in New York City. Please get back to me ASAP with 4-5 sentences on why this is for you and a picture of you dressed as Jesus Christ

Yep, the posting is real… a parent wants someone dressed up as Jesus to dance with their daughter at her sixteenth birthday party.

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I have so many pictures of myself dressed up like Jesus that I'm not sure which one to pick. Plus, I have NO IDEA which dance move to do. Maybe I'll pour water all over the dance floor and do the moonwalk!

OH goodness. I wonder if girl and mom aren't aware that the movie is based on the Bible and that it's a TRUE STORY, and one that a major world religion revolves around.

But -- is the chick HOT?

This is probably by the same people who had T-Shirts in the 80's that said 'Have you hugged your Shepherd lately?' - such sentimental drivel about what our Savior did for us. I had a professor in the seminary who just wanted to smack the wearer of the T-Shirt.

They're looking for a total stranger to dance with their young teenage daughter?

Apart from anything else, "The Passion of the Christ" doesn't strike me as a portrayal of Jesus where you'd think about having a little spin across the dance floor with him.

Wow, that's even worse than the father/daughter pseudo-proms in promotion of chastity.

Kelly, they ain't looking for a stranger, they're looking for a dancing Jesus!
I just became aware of the father/daughter proms a few months ago. Yep, this is a LOT worse than that.

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