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Monday, January 18, 2010 

POTF Blog Of The Week: Should Our Doctrine be Permeable?

This week’s blog of the week has to go to Jim Pierce’s post over at one of my favorite daily reads Confessional Bytes and his post titled Should Our Doctrine be Permeable?. Jim is looking at an article in the Lutheran Witness that discusses how we as the “churched”might become permeable to reach the “unchurched.”

The idea that the church must look more like the culture has long been a bug in my bonnet so to speak. I’ve heard more than one church bureaucrat say in front of many a people that we need to stop worrying about being Lutherans and try to worry about saving souls as if that is something WE do.

Jim takes the author to task for his taking verses from the Bible out of their clear and intended context which is a tactic frequently used by individuals and marketing gurus to justify replacing church doctrine and practice with cultural sensibilities to attract people who are not so much attracted to church.

Should doctrine be permeable? No. It's sad that we even have to ask that question

Great post Jim!


Frank, thank you for the kind words and for picking my blog for blog of the week.

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