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Monday, October 12, 2009 

One BIG And Very Cool Study Bible!

My copy of The Lutheran Study Bible LARGER Print Sangria Genuine Leather edition arrived on Friday! Wow, this is one big honking study bible! What a tremendous resource that I look forward to using in my daily devotional readings and in the preparation of my weekly Sunday school class! Hmm, more exclamation points than a district, uh, newsletter… need to work on that I guess.

Now I know what some of you good folks are asking; “Frank, exactly how big is the The Lutheran Study Bible LARGER Print Sangria Genuine Leather edition?” Well, I’m glad you asked because as a metrologist I simply love to measure things. A few “frank” facts on my new favorite study Bible:

· There are 2,372 pages of theological goodness to the TLSB
· For those of us who like pictures with our reading material there are over 800 maps and 120 charts and diagrams in the TLSB
· There are over 200 articles covering a variety of Scriptural themes

But how BIG is the LARGER Print Sangria Genuine Leather edition you ask as the number of pages and all the study notes and cross references and introductions and outlines and reference guides and concordance guides and application notes might be just a tad bit deceiving or a clever marketing ploy. So I, being a metrologist and all, decided to measure the mass of my Bibleand to figure out how the good folks over at Concordia Publishing House were able to fit so much in The Lutheran Study Bible. Here is what I found:

· When the Holland Freight truck pulled up and the The Lutheran Study Bible LARGER Print Sangria Genuine Leather edition was unloaded the box minus the pallet weighed 2887.1 grams or 6.3650 pounds.
· When unpacked from the box the The Lutheran Study Bible LARGER Print Sangria Genuine Leather edition weighs 2408.0 grams or 5.3085 lb.

Both readings were obtained from a balance (scale) that has been calibrated by standards traceable to NIST with a measurement uncertainty of .0027g (3sigma) with known measurable variables.

In other words, if you want to get the very best study Bible available and insure that you get the BIGGEST bang for your buck, do what I did and give CPH a call and order your own copy of The Lutheran Study Bible LARGER Print Sangria (or black)Genuine Leather edition today!


It would be fun to walk into a Bible study at a local Evangelical church and haul out a 5-lb Bible and plunk it on the table.

Now that's a bible for handing out whiplash through some thumpings! Hmm... exclamation points are contagious!

Of my three study Bibles, the Jerusalem Bible has 1547+498 pages (OT and NT numbered separately), the Hertz Chumash has 1067 (ain't no NT) and TLSB regular edition has 2372. Numbered pages anyway.

TLSB's content is just stunning, but I'm sticking to my Concordia Edition ESV Deluxe Reference Bible for not-study reading.

You crack me up Frank!!!! The picture alone.

Past Elder, I can see where using a more compact format for daily devotional readings has merit. I normally read my Bible on my computer and I’ll continue that practice although seeing all the good stuff in the TLSB will lead me to put the computer in sleep mode a bit more often now.
Jim, A thumping with the TSLB is a guaranteed lawsuit!
EC, Yep. Pondering a post going in that direction.

Lutheran, what ever do you mean? Doesn’t everybody have a precision balance in their office or study?

Where the heck are you at that you log in at 3 in the morning?

We are so glad to hear that you love the TLSB! Here at CPH we are always so excited to find out that our products are meeting the needs of our customers! Thanks for the awesome blog post.
In Him,
Emily Barlean
Corporate Communications
Concordia Publishing House

Emily, you guys didn’t just meet the needs of the customers (any slack jawed outfit could have done that) you exceeded any possible expectation that we had by putting so much into TLSB. And believe you me, with all the “hype” leading up to the release of TLSB, exceeding our expectations took some doin’. Best. Study. Bible. Ever!


No, truth.

: )

Paul, I agree 100% that’s why hype was in quotes. It’s NOT that I was skeptical after hearing Pastors Weedon, Cwirla, and yourself talk about and promote the TLSB but rather I was overwhelmed with how much great stuff was crammed into a mere 2,372 pages in spite of what ya’ll had said.

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