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Friday, August 07, 2009 

Time Out Episode 25

Dan over at Necessary Roughness has the newest Time Out; Time Out Episode 25 posted.

The Scripture reading for this episode is the first chapter of Colossians and the hymn is “By Grace I’m Saved” found on page 566 in the Lutheran Service Book.

The audio for Episode 25 is from the Higher Things 2009 Sola conference at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI. It is included with permission from Higher Things. You can hear the hymn by itself at their Sola 2009 page now, but it will eventually become part of the HT-Online subscribers-only page. When that happens, you will need to register at Higher Things for free and then add the premium service. The premium service will also contain other great audio from both Sola conferences.

Be sure to stop by, say howdy, and thank Dan for doing such a great job on Time Out Episode 25. And while your there, wish Dan a happy birthday as Necessary Roughness turns 5 years old today!

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