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Tuesday, June 09, 2009 

Today’s Quote Of The Day

So, I was in my Sunday school class for the high school youth this past weekend and here’s how the conversation went down:

Youth #1: Mr. Gillespie, are we going to have Bible study tonight?

Me: Well, as I’m not the chair or even on the Board of Youth (our terms only go for two years although as anybody who reads this blog knows I’ve been very active with teaching the ragamuffins for going on eight years now and plan on continuing to do so) this year so it’s not up to me when or whether our, eh, your Sunday night Bible studies are run or even continued.

Youth #1: They had better keep doing them, we love ‘em!

And next came today’s quote of the day from our declared atheist who always attends our Sunday night study;

DA: Yeah, they better continue it or I’ll teach it myself!

For just a moment the room was dead quite as the teacher was grinning ear to ear barely able to contain himself.

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No higher compliment could any Sunday School teacher receive!

We have an agnostic who comes to church every Sunday. He and his wife wait for the music to be finished and for communion (if it's a communion Sunday) and then walk in to hear the sermon. It's very interesting.

BD, communion is before the sermon? As I have always attended congregations that have followed what is a considered a traditional or historic order of service, the idea of communion before the sermon is something I’ve never seen or even heard of. If you know the whys and hows of this practice I would be very interested in hearing about it!

I haven’t given up yet on DA. DA is one of the brightest students that I’ve ever had and the fact she stills comes to my Sunday school class and attends the Sunday night Bible Studies gives me hope that she hasn’t hardened her heart completely as, say, pharaoh did.

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