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Saturday, June 20, 2009 

Big Barda Ain’t Got Nothing On Me

It’s our anniversary tomorrow and the missus and I will celebrate one more year together. Another year has passed by and it’s clear to me that I love my missus even more than Big Barda loves Scott Free aka Mr. Miracle. How much does Barda love Scott? Let’s take a quick look at a panel from Mr. Miracle #7:

“We’ll go down that old shark’s mouth together!!”

“Then I’ll beat her to death from the inside!!”

Isn’t that just the most romantic thing you’ve ever heard? Well, that’s just an inkling of how much I loves the missus. Rather than ever being separated from my missus I’d jump into that old shark’s mouth even if the lord of Apokolips, Darksied, placed a legion of parademons in the shark’s belly beforehand. Let’s see Barda top that, an old shark and a legion of parademons. Heh, I’d like to see her top that.

Yep, I love the chick that much.

Happy anniversary missus!


Aw, that's so sweet. So much better than the wimpy Hallmark choices the rest of us settle for. Happy Anniversary, many more!


wrmyers, Hallmark is a tool of the devil plain and simple.

Congratulations, Frank!

Many many more to the 'Super- Couple'!

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