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Wednesday, May 27, 2009 

Ablaze!’s Counting Evolution

The Ablaze! website counting criteria evolution:

Baptisms do not count as baptism is only an outward sign


We are not counting baptisms or conversions. We are counting the number of Gospel seeds planted.

and ended up

We are counting sharing the Gospel with individuals--seeds planted in faith…

Well, I guess there has been some progress…

I would love to know when the second standard of what was to be counted on the Ablaze! website was changed to the third.

Personally, I see these changes as progress. Who knows, maybe the Ablaze! program or movement might resemble something vaguely Lutheran by, oh let’s say 2017ish if these changes continue!

Like, wouldn’t that be cool…

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The Wayback Machine is a fun exercise. You can get statement two from there, and statement three from the current page. Unfortunately I can't find the first statement from the wayback machine.

You might want to take screenshots. :)

If this evolution continues, maybe eventually they'll quit counting.

I find it somewhat amusing that the LCMS, which says that ablaze is theologically sound, continually changes what definitions are that define the non-program’s success and operation. It’s all newspeak!

No Scott, they will never stop counting, unless that is, the consultants tell them to.

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