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Friday, March 20, 2009 

CAnniversary Day 6

Today’s look back at the cancelation and resurrection of Issues, Etc. on Scott Diekmann’s blog Stand Firm concludes with a guest post by the host of the program himself, Pastor Todd Wilken. Pr. Wilken’s piece is a reminder that we should always look to Christ even if things appear to be not going the way we would like. The guy has class, plain and simple. I’m pretty sure if I was terminated during Holy Week for what was an ever changing list of reasons spewed out by bureaucrats, public relations officers, and lawyers, I would not be so polite with my verbiage as Pr. Wilken.

Scott also has a piece titled The Craig Chronicles which features Craig Fichtinger who is the board operator at Lutheran Public Radio. Craig armed with an MBA (and once again behind the scenes) gets to demonstrate his pecuniary talents. It should also be noted that he has also been known to once or twice to display his superior geographical acumen on the air if the people in booth ever forget how many continents there are.

Be sure to do yourself a favor and stop by for a visit at Stand Firm and say howdy to all the folks who bring us the best Christ-centered, Cross-focused radio program out there.


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