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Monday, August 04, 2008 

Thank You Issues, Etc.

A big thank you from Putting Out The Fire goes out to Issues, Etc. for picking this post as an inaugural Blog post of the week.

Thank you for such high accolades of my somewhat snarky post. I certainly don’t write what I write for any recognition. My thinking has always been if people like my stuff; that was fine, if they didn’t like my stuff; that was ok as well. Knowing that people that I look up to and respect actually read my drivel and sort of appreciate it…well, that just hurts my brain.

The good news for Issues, Etc. and those who listen to this great Christ centered, cross focused radio program is that by picking a post by a slack jawed yokel like me, the blog post of the week can only get better from here on out.

Thank you again for such a high honor.

Oh, one more thing… Pastor Wilken, the name is Gillespie, Frank Gillespie.


Let's hope they don't scrape the bottom of the barrel and post one from my blog. I might have to act on good behavior or something.

"I might have to act on good behavior or something."

Yeah, tell me about it! Don’t they know what kind of pressure that will put on me? Don’t they!?!? I mean, you’ve read my stuff for a little while, do you think I’m capable of good behavior?

Uncle Frank, you and good behavior cannot live on the same playing field. The pressure would be to great for you.

You're not going to let this go to your head are you?

Let it go to my head Erik? Why, if I did that, it might draw attention to mine self, and that would be bad… No, no, no, that would be prideful, and I’m pretty sure pride is one of those deadly sins, just like mincemeat pie!

Valerie, that’s unfair! I can play nice with good behavior, it’s just sometimes…he… changes… the…rules. Oh, you said “live” with good behavior, no, I can’t seem to do that, he keeps leaving the refrigerator door open for crying out loud!

Yer gonna start goin' all legit & soft on us now, ain'tcha, Frank? Just don't start talking & writing like a Yankee, ok? If you do that, then they'll ID you as ready for assimilation into LCMS, Inc. for sure! ;^)


I can’t be assimilated, I don’t have a business degree nor do I think that laypersons should that which pastors are called to do. If the first reason wasn’t a deal breaker, the second certainly is in the LCMS these days…

Going “all legit & soft” nope, not me, I gots fires to put out!

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