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Wednesday, August 06, 2008 

Lack Of Posting And Texas Brouhaha

Sorry folks for the lack of posting this week. I’m down in Orlando at a metrology conference and my access to the web is a bit limited. I decided to save the company about thirty dollars a night by not staying on Disney property where the conference is being held so I can't access the hotel’s wireless. Oh well…

As far as I can tell, the biggest brouhaha in Lutheran circles this week is the decision to bring in a women worship pastor from outside the Lutheran church to lead the worship at a youth gathering down in Texas. In fact there are several individuals from outside Lutheran thought being brought in to lead youth ranging from the charismatic to nondenominational whose confession deny that Christ is present in, with, and under the Lord’s Supper as well as denying the Sacrament of Holy Baptism is anything but an ordinance with no regenerative effect.

There are several good posts addressing the matter over at Father Hollywood here, here, and here. Steadfast Lutherans have a post by Pastor Todd Wilken here and Pastor Timothy Rossow here. Pastor William Weedon also had a post here. Scott over at Stand Firm does exactly that right here. That great little firefly out on the west coast Lutheran Lucciola also chimmed in here.

If anyone has anymore information just forward it to me and I’ll try to post it in an update. Just remember that over the next few days I need to wait until I get back to the hotel to really get anything done…

Update: Dan over at Necessary Roughness chimes in on the matter with a post titled Need a Speaker or Teacher for Your Lutheran Youth Event. Good points Dan!

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Hey, thanks for the link, **Blink! Blink**!

38 comments firefly! WOW! I'd consider going Orthodox for a week for that kind of traffic! Great job by the way for dong your part.

Yeah, it was popular!

I don't like to shut things down, but it was getting a bit like a bulletin board.

I'm certainly am not the best theologian in town, but I tried to get my message across!

"I'm certainly am not the best theologian in town, but I tried to get my message across!"

Hey, you're doing great! Seriously!

Ya know, you should consider starting a new thread. I think the debate and discussion is a good one to be having. I wish I could have gotten more involved this week but I just didn’t have internet access but for a couple of hours a day.

Maybe I will re-do it, with the bent on theology and scripture ONLY.

I'm so mad at some of these men, they are hell-bent on "liberating" women, even if they beat us over the head in order to do so.

My link changed. It's now:


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