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Saturday, August 05, 2006 

First Post In A While

Well, it's been a little bit since I posted. Between going to Alaska for a couple of weeks and coming back to work and playing catch up, I've just now started to get caught up.

Last week I got to meet with a manufacture representative that directlcompeteses with a product line that my workplace supports. This meeting was necessary as the soulless dominion of corporate orthodoxy just doesn't always play nice. The soulless ones just don't seem to understand that we are a customer and not their minions. That being said, we are looking at a new way of meeting our customers needs. The meeting last week is a big step in that direction. The phrase of the week was cautious optimism. It was a good week!

B, as soon as I get a little breather, I will answer that Ablaze! question you had for me.

As soon as I get over my little "bug" (which I believe could be developed into a eugenic weapon as biological warfare goes) I promise I will post more.

This week I'm in Nashville, TN attending a metrology symposium. What a hoot! But at least I'll get some free time in the hotel to catch up on posting.

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