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Friday, February 24, 2006 

I'm Not Looking Forward To This Weekend

I am so not looking forward to this weekend. I volunteered to attend an Equipping To Share "convocation" being put on by the Southeastern District. My wife thinks I'm nuts for wasting my time with such things. I just don't feel that my pastor should be the only confessional Lutheran there. As they say misery love company. So what is the event about? Well, it all about outreach to the friendly seeker and the faithfully undecided. It appears to be all about getting folks in the door so we can increase our membership and pat ourselves on the back for the good job we did. Here's a taste:

Tips for sharing Turino! Use the Olympic Winter Games as a conversation starter, then use a Christian athlete like U.S. speed skater Derek Barra to talk about Jesus. Google Christian athletes at the Olympics and related queries to find testimonies and articles you can use. And note a fact you won't hear on the evening news- there are Christian counselors available to athletes at the games, worship events, even evangelistic athlete organizations at work. Pray for Christ to be proclaimed at the Games and use the Games to proclaim Christ at home!

Perhaps we should share a little more Jesus and worry less about the Olympics. Or this gem:

Religious Research and Outreach Planning Tools. Get the word out, but first get to know your community! Learn about your community from a spiritual perspective by using religious research now available online. These detailed religious research reports will help you better understand your community and improve your ability to reach out to the community. Based on the community needs and media preferences, select a print, radio, or TV ad to reach out or promote your church or school.

So what's my problem with this? Well, this program or movement looks outside the Church when it should be pointing to the true marks of the Church, that is to say Word and Sacrament. I'm not saying we shouldn't share our faith or reach out to the community. What I am saying is that we need to preach Christ crucified. Law and Gospel folks, it's not that difficult. The two quotes above could also be used by the local Rotary Club. There is something wrong with the message if it can be used by Mormons and Muhammadians alike.

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