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Monday, February 27, 2006 

The Church's 40 Days of Purpose, Lent

I am very much looking forward to next Sunday which starts the Lenten season. Lent for the historic Church is a time for reflection on Christ's Passion. Lent is considered a penitent, almost somber time in the church year because the alleluias in the Divine Service are omitted. The 40 days do not include Sundays because Sundays are never to be considered somber. Also, the hymnody we sing changes to reflect the penitential tone. But the hymns of lent are by no means funeral dirges. Some of the most beautiful hymns are sung during this time in the Church's calendar year. There is no doubt I'll post on these hymns in the upcoming weeks.

For more on the subject go here to visit Pastor Thomas Chryst at Preachrblog. He has his Lenten newsletter up as a post. Also, there is a page set up at the LCMS website that answers the "what is the significance of Lent?" question here.

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