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Wednesday, December 22, 2010 

Lack Of Posting…

Sorry for the lack of posts lately folks but the real world has simply had me running ragged. My vocation as a metrologist has been keeping me a busier than expected and I’ve been battling Maytag over a brand new stove that hasn’t had a working oven since I got it. What makes the stove situation even more ironic is that model I picked out has TWO ovens and neither of the have worked more than once. Four weeks, two service companies and three service calls later I’m still without an oven right before Christmas. Sheesh!

I’ll try to put something up soon that is less whiny and more in line with what the readers of POTF expect. Sorry for the interruption… I just thought ya’ll might want to know what’s been monopolizing my time.

Guess you'll be baking cookies on the grill for Christmas.
(I think you could really do it.)

Froeliche Weinachts!

hey, that's not funny... ;-\

Merry Christmas to you as well Pastor!

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