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Sunday, October 10, 2010 

Critical Thinking And The Double Standard Of Acceptable Formal Principles

Some random thoughts on critical thought…

Critical thinking for the Christian is never suspended but rather presupposed.

It is customary and unobjectionable for the agonistic, atheist, or rationalist to bring hypothesis and conjecture to the table in a manner not afforded to anyone who confesses Scripture as being authoritative.

While comprehending the latter, Christians in our western post modern culture are rarely perceptive of the former.

The rationalist is the most dangerous person to the critical thinking Christian as he disguises his unbelief in words that appear to originate or stem from Scripture and in doing so convinces the Christian to terminate true critical thought for false presuppositions.

The critical thinking Christian is in fact rational and does not accept the double standard which necessitates that Scripture be set aside or repudiated solely on the basis that such a book is divinely inspired while equations and theories of men are allowed to advance uncontested.

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