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Monday, April 05, 2010 

Lutheran Church Establishs Its iPad Relevence Cred

Well, that didn’t take long…

Just one day after the iPad goes on sale, Messiah Lutheran Church in Vancouver, WA used Apple’s latest cool toy, an iPad, to read the assigned passages of Scripture for Easter Sunday in an effort to establish its relevance cred with the high tech faithful.

My own congregation stuck to the old ways and read the readings out of a Bible.


Did they say what translation? :)

As long as it was a male voice, it should be fine, right?

I'm kidding.

They downloaded Bible HD from the app store which is a free bible reader but there was a catch: out of 16 English language editions there was no New Revised Standard Version, the translation favored by the church. Unfortunately, they would have had to pay $10 per Testament to get the readings in NSRV so they cut and pasted the appropriate texts from a Word document into pages. From there they just adjusted the font size to be able used by the reader who I don’t believe is Pastor Kathy but a lay volunteer (although why she is behind the altar is something of a mystery).


Here I thought they had the DEVICE read out loud, Kindle-style.

I'm sure there's an app that does that but if they aint gonna pay $10 for their preferred translation of the text...

"New Revised Standard Version"..???

How can you "revise" the Bible? And then call it the "Standard" version? This makes no sense to me.

I'm glad /my/ church sticks to scrolls and handwritten parchment codices. None of this new-fangled printed-and-bound "book" stuff: that's just letting trendy post-medieval technology run riot.

"trendy post-medieval technology run riot" that's too funny John!

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