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Sunday, September 13, 2009 

On Vacation

I’ll be taking a short vacation from my vocation of blogging (and metrology) this week as the missus and I are out island hopping. I’m thinking that I might possibly share some pictures of our numerous kayaking excursions and beach excursions so if ya’ll want to stop by for a visit there’ll be something new here to see.

While I’m on vacation this week I’m gonna try to put together a couple of posts (hinted at over the last few months) for posting when I get back concerning my dalliance with a cult after coming back to the church following fifteen years of atheism. I need to figure out where all the puzzle pieces go so it all makes sense, that’s the tricky part…

Anyhoo. the photo above is from our first day on the beach.


Looks awesome. Enjoy it!

Have a great time! (That sand looks so... hard.)

Thanks guys!

EC, the sand is pretty solid where we parked the truck but the sand on the way to that beautiful little spot was so loose that I could drive about 10 miles an hour. The missus had never been four wheeling before so she had a great time.

Judas, I got a red van too, but I'm about 1000 miles from any beach, so enjoy.

I think I'm as interested in the 15 years of atheism as the cult. Purely selfish -- I didn't convert from another Christian church into Lutheranism either.

PE, The atheism does deserve a post of its own as it would explain a great many things about why I'm a bit fanatical that goofy (and the emotional) stuff be kept out of our sanctuaries.

Those 15 years were bad ones... sometimes even atheists run the rat wheel of works to give their lives purpose.

The red van is a 4Runner that my boss is gracious enough to pay for.

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