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Thursday, April 30, 2009 

Sin City Bible Study?

To prove to all that I can be a company man and that I do indeed care for the lost and the “unchurched,” I’ve decided, after prayerful consideration, that maybe my concern that using secular movies as the jumping off point of a Bible study may have been too harsh. I’m now going on record as saying we can and should try to reach those who would never consider otherwise a Bible or Lutheran Confessions study by whatever means necessary even if the base material is of a secular nature.

My first proposal for a new study using popular films is the Sin City Total Depravity of Man Extreme Bible Study. Nobody understands the total depravity of man better than the Sin City’s creator Frank Miller. Why, Miller’s entire body of work in the comic book world is a virtual goldmine of material on man's fall from God's grace! See here for my previous post on Frank Miller’s Lutheran world view.

The Sin City movie is an interwoven set of three stories (see, see, three is one of those holy numbers!) about the most depraved individuals imaginable that could be reviewed as one whole piece or broken up to address the different troubles, concerns, and foibles of the fallen citizens of Basin City. It’s a sure fire way to get “those who might not otherwise attend a Bible class on the Lutheran Confessions” in the door!

If we get ‘em in the door for my Sin City study, who knows, we might even find a way to convince these potential seeker to stay for a while and ain’t that what reaching the lost is all about?

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Heck, you could sell it to Calvinists, too!

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