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Wednesday, November 16, 2005 

Christian Rock Kills!

For those who doubt me... it's not just bad liturgically but I guess listening to "Christian" music offers no long term sanctification that will prevent a teen from killing his girlfriend's parents. David Ludwig posted lyrics from a christian rock band on his web site. I guess if I listened to Michael W. Smith one too many times I'd wind up on the national evening news as well.

So are you saying those who listen to or participate in good liturgy have not ever killed anyone?

Jonathan, I was making a joke using sarcasm. But seriously, what passes for Christian music these days is laughable. I do teach high school students that think CCM is living a sanctified life. My problem with CCM is that if a Muslim can sing the same ditty in his mosque, it doesn't belong in the Christian catagory.
Certainly those who attend liturgical congregations are sinners. In fact Scripture tells us that there is alot of tares growing with the wheat.
My comments were against CCM more than the people who listen to it.

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